The 18th International Exhibition of Livestock, Poultry, Animal Feed and Related Industries of Mashhad

concurrent with: the second Exhibition of Fisheries, Aquatics, and Veterinary

The 18th Period
Second Exhibition of Fisheries, Aquatics and Veterinary
Feb 22th- 25th 2024
16 to 21

The importance of participating in the chain of international livestock, poultry and aquatic exhibitions of Iran

Today, the importance of the livestock and poultry industry and its contribution to the household food basket, health, and economy is obvious, and fortunately, Iran’s livestock and poultry industry has taken important and big steps in this direction. The importance of this industry and familiarity with the latest technologies and achievements increases the importance of holding specialized exhibitions in this field. Realizing this importance, this company has been trying to hold fairs worthy of this industry during the past years in Mashhad as one of the important hubs of this industry. Cooperation with DLG, IFWexpo, Dusseldorf Messe, and FairConsult during these years has led us to witness the presence of foreign expert visitors and international collections in exhibitions in addition to increasing the quality and quantity of exhibitions. We are pleased to hold this important event in the national network of international exhibitions of the livestock, poultry, and aquatic industry in the most important hubs of this industry in Isfahan, Mashhad, and Shiraz with unique features in Iran and provide international standards for informing and receiving visitors and business delegations. According to the plans made, the 17th International Exhibition of Livestock, Poultry, Animal Feed and Related Industries will be held in Mashhad with the approach of trade with Persian Gulf countries, especially Oman and the big market of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

Mashhad International Exhibitions Center

Mashhad International Exhibition Company was founded in 1993 and has been operational since 1998 to develop the exhibition industry and facilitate trade exchanges in the region. The area of the exhibition is about 550,000 square meters. The operational area of the exhibition building is 250,000 square meters. The covered exhibition space is 30,000 square meters and the Open exhibition space is 22,000 square meters. The green space of the Exhibition Center is 80,000 square meters. Mashhad Exhibition Center is holding more than 60 International and specialized exhibitions per year. Mashhad Exhibition Center hosts 1 million visitors from around the world per year.

Post-show report of the 17th Exhibition of Livestock, Poultry, Animal Feed and Related Industries

Jan. 25th – 28th 2023


Exhibition Space






Visitor Countries

Exhibition Fields of Activity


Livestock and poultry keeping equipment - Incubation and poultry farming equipment - Slaughterhouse industry equipment and machinery - Livestock and poultry breeding equipment and facilities and machinery - Related industry production equipment and facilities - Milking equipment and disinfectants - Packaging machines - Refrigeration and refrigerating systems - Ventilation systems - Heating and cooling systems - Weighing systems - Livestock and livestock products transportation machines - Laboratory equipment


Design, installation, operation of meat, chicken, fish and... - Electronic market for buying and selling livestock and poultry products - protection systems - Technical and engineering services and consulting - Specialized publications and sites - Bank and insurance - Government organizations and institutions


Breeding of ostriches - breeding of turkeys - production of day-old chicks and laying eggs - production of eggs


Livestock and poultry feed producer - fish powder - production of concentrates - producer of mineral oysters - production of fish powder - feed additives - production of special fat powder for livestock and poultry feed - processing of oil seeds - production of ready poultry feed (pellets) - Production and distribution of additives and micronutrients - Production of micronized mineral powders and calcium carbonate - Production of corn, soy, wheat and barley


Production of medicine and nutritional inputs - production of veterinary vaccines and biological materials - production of animal serums - therapeutic premixes - production of nutritional and therapeutic supplements - production of detergents and disinfectants and sanitary materials - production of animal lick bricks - production of injection solutions - disposable supplies - Production of veterinary products - production of fatty acid and vegetable oil

Ornamental Fish and Pets

Ornamental Fish ... .

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Invitation program of expert visitors

1- Correspondence and invitation to ambassadors and businessmen of neighboring countries to visit the exhibition on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2- Inviting Livestock farmers, Poultry farmers and experts from the target provinces and providing travel facilities to visit the exhibition exclusively.

3- Informing Livestock and Poultry farmers all over the country through the Ministry of Agriculture, the country’s agricultural trade union system, the country’s agricultural engineering system, the country’s agricultural support services company, and related associations and organizations.

The exhibition of livestock, poultry, animal feed and related industries in Mashhad is held while it focuses on introducing the products and productions of livestock and poultry companies and is considered an important exhibition in this industry. The national and international companies present in this exhibition They will present their solutions and innovations in the “from fodder to food” chain. The 17th edition of the Livestock, Poultry, Animal Feed and Related Industries Exhibition is an ideal place for producers active in this industry to provide the guarantee and quality that consumers demand and to establish a direct connection with international markets.

Mashhad International Exhibition was established in 1994 and has been operating since 1999 with the aim of developing the exhibition industry and facilitating trade exchanges in the region.Mashhad Exhibition Center is in line with global standards with the development of national and international relations, increase of the exhibition space, the use of modern methods and technologies.

The exhibition area is about 550,000 thousand square meters.
The exhibition area in use is 250,000 thousand square meters.
فضای مسقف نمایشگاهی 30,000 هزار مترمربع و فضای باز نمایشگاهی 22,000 هزار متر مربع فضای سبز نمایشگاه 80,000 هزار مترمربع
Holding more than 60 international and specialized exhibitions per year Mashhad International Exhibition Center is annually hosts more than 1 million visitors from all over the world.


Organizations and Institutions that Support us in Holding Events